Company History

Osaka Special Steel Manufacturing Co. : Establishment (Jan. 1937),
Osaka Titanium Co., Ltd : Change of Trade Name (Nov. 1952),
Kyushu Electronic Metal Co., Ltd. : Establishment (Aug. 1973) (Merger(Oct. 1992)),
Sumitomo Sitix corp. : Change of Trade Name (Jan. 1993) (Merger (Oct. 1998),
Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. Sitix Division (Transfer of Business (Feb. 2002)),
Silicon United Manufacturing Corp. : Establishment (Jul. 1999)[*1],
Sumitomo Mitsubishi Silicon Corp. : Change of Trade Name (Feb. 2002)[*2],
SUMCO Corp. : Change of Trade Name (Aug. 2005),
Niccitsu Electronic Chemicals Corp. : Establishment (Dec. 1958),
Chisso Electronic Chemicals Corp. : Establishment (Mar. 1964),
Toyo Silicon Co., Ltd. : Change of Trade Name (Feb. 1974),
Japan Silicon Co., Ltd. : Change of Trade Name (Feb. 1978),
Japan Electronic Metals Co., Ltd. : Establishment (Oct. 1959)(Transfer of Business (Jan. 1979)),
Mitsubishi Materials Silicon Corp. : Change of Trade Name (Oct. 1991)(Merger (Feb. 2002))

  • *1In July 1999, Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd., Mitsubishi Materials Corp. and Mitsubishi Materials Silicon Corp. established a jointly-owned company deleloping and manufacturing 300mm silicon wafers named Silicon United Manufacturing Corp.
  • *2In February 2002, Silicon United Manufacturing Corp. acquired the silicon wafer business from Sumitomo Metal Industries Corp., merged with Mitsubishi Materials Silicon Corp. and changed its trade name into Sumitomo Mitsubishi Silicon Corp., at the same time.