The SUMCO Group's Business Activities and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Silicon wafer products from SUMCO are not seen first-hand in everyday life, but they are essential to the manufacturing of the semiconductor devices equipped in all manner of electronic products that enrich our lives.
To fulfill our responsibilities as one of the companies supporting social infrastructure, SUMCO utilizes the SDGs as indicators of the medium-to-long-term demands of the international community and makes every effort to realize a sustainable society.

Main Goals of the SDGs and SUMCO's Initiatives


Contributing to the SDGs through our products

Contributing to the digital infrastructure supporting our daily lives

Silicon wafers that serve as the basic materials for semiconductor devices used in a wide range of areas including communications equipment, automobiles, digital appliances, medical equipment and urban infrastructure

Creating innovation

Silicon wafers that support the miniaturization of semiconductors to usher in an era of industrial and technical innovation, and the utilization of big data, through IoT, AI and robots

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Contributing to reduce traffic accidents

Silicon wafers for the automotive semiconductor devices supporting driver assistance systems such as self-driving and automatic braking

Contributing to make cities secure and safe

Silicon wafers for security cameras, communication network tools utilized in smart grid system and various IoT tools

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Contributing to improved energy efficiency

Silicon wafers for power-saving devices

Contributing to curb greenhouse gas emissions

Silicon wafers for IGBTs which are utilized for electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid vehicles (HV, PHV)

Silicon wafers for power-management devices which are utilized for renewable energy generation system such as solar power and wind power

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Contributing to the SDGs through business processes

About the SDGs

SDGs, or the Sustainable Development Goals, refer to the goals laid at in "Agenda 2030", which was adopted at the "United Nations Sustainable Development Summit" in September 2015. The SDGs comprise 17 goals and 169 targets to be achieved by the year 2030.
The goals and targets of the SDGs comprehensively deal with the various issues faced in the areas of the economy, industry and society. As the central figures of economic activities, companies are expected to play a key role as one of the main parties responsible for achieving the SDGs.

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