Reduction of Waste

Amount of Disposal and Rate of Recycle
(SUMCO Group [Japan])


In Japan, the SUMCO Group is working to reduce the amount of waste generated as part of environmental conservation efforts. In particular, to deal with the large volume of sludge generated at our plants, the SUMCO Group is making efforts to optimize the quantity of chemicals injected for wastewater treatment, and to deal with waste oil, waste acid, waste alkali, waste plastics and other waste, we are focusing on promoting their recycling and conversion into valuable resources.

Waste Reduction through the Adoption of Reusable Containers

We are replacing the containers used to ship 300-mm diameter silicon wafers with reusable alternatives as one of the initiatives to reduce post-shipment waste.
The percentage of reusable containers used for shipment in 2021 was 79.4%.
Before introducing reusable containers, we conduct tests to ensure that the quality of the products is not affected.