Respect for Human Rights

SUMCO’s Basic Policy on Human Rights

The SUMCO Group regards respect for basic human rights to be an important social responsibility. We pursue a number of initiatives to be a company that "values people" and respects the human rights of all people associated with the SUMCO Group.

The SUMCO Group looks towards international standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. In the SUMCO CSR Policy, we pledge to ensure a safe, health, comfortable and appropriate workplace, maintain a strong respect for human rights, abilities and personalities, and to achieve equal opportunity employment, ensure the fair treatment of employees and realize diverse ways of working. To this end, we strive to create a workplace where employees are motivated to work hard.
Based on this policy, SUMCO Group's Code of Corporate Conduct and various regulations clearly define rules prohibiting workplace harassment (bullying or teasing) and other conduct in violation of human rights based on illegitimate reasons such as race, religion, gender, nationality, age, sexual orientation, and disability. In addition to establishing the internal reporting hotline, translating the regulations into various languages and educating to increase human rights awareness among all employees of the Group, we have also established human rights violation and harassment consultation services at each Company site in Japan.
We not only prohibit child labor, but base our business activities on a clearly defined, written policy which respects the rights of every child and prohibits forced labor. We had no problems with child labor and forced labor.
In accordance with the labor laws and regulations of each country, we work to build trust between labor and management while respecting employees’ freedom of association and their right to organize and engage in collective bargaining. We also offer working conditions including wages that are appropriate to living standards in light of minimum wages, and strive to manage working hours appropriately by reducing excessive overtime.
SUMCO develops guidelines based on the above and shares them internally by posting them to the Company intranet.

Promotion Framework

The SUMCO Group in Japan annually convenes the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Committee, as a framework to promote employee awareness of human rights issues. The committee confirms the policies and details of human rights awareness initiatives, while each plant or Group company implements activities in line with this policy. The activities include invitation of outside experts to give talks and awareness training using audiovisual materials.
In examining new businesses, we look at the laws of the country in question and other possible human rights/labor risks, and to ensure there is no discrimination based on factors unrelated to the legitimate interests of the business, we conduct internal training on the aforementioned policies.

Major Themes Covered in Human Rights Awareness Training

  • Respect for diversity (especially gender, sexual orientation, etc.)
  • Human rights for the elderly
  • Workplace harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Harassment related to pregnancy, childbirth, childcare or nursing care leave in the workplace
  • Mental health issues in the workplace
  • Measures based on the number of consultations to the consultation service in the year, harassment, etc.

Maintaining and Enhancing a Pleasant Working Environment

SUMCO regularly educates for all employees on various forms of harassment, aiming to prevent all forms of discrimination, and makes every effort to improve awareness of these issues in the workplace.
In addition, we formulate and implement action plans aimed at improving the working environment at each workplace by conducting a stress check each year as part of our health management initiatives and adding items related to employee satisfaction to the stress check.
Seeking to eliminate all forms of employment discrimination, we also actively pursue initiatives such as attending lectures held by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), as well as ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) training seminars.
Additionally, as a part of efforts to maintain and enhance a pleasant workplace environment, the SUMCO Group also conducts various in-house recreation activities and deepens exchanges between employees at each site to revitalize workplace communication.

Establishment of a Harassment Consultation Service

SUMCO has established a Harassment Consultation Service to serve as the point of contact for employees to consult about issues related to human rights violations and harassment. To ensure that employees can casually seek advice at any time, the consultation services are staffed by both male and female consultants who work based on three principles: (1) protecting the privacy of employees seeking consultation; (2) prohibiting disadvantageous treatment of related persons; and (3) dealing with consultations in a fair manner. In particular, the service accepts consultations by e-mail or telephone to keep them confidential. Each consultation request received is investigated in the relevant department, measures for rectification and prevention of a recurrence are taken as the situation calls for, and the results are reported to management, while the consulting party is given feedback. In addition, the results are shared with the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Committee, putting them to Group-wide use in measures for preventing a recurrence.
In 2021, the Harassment Consultation Service handled eleven consultation cases.

Harassment Consultation Service System

Harassment Consultation Service System

Harassment Training

We hold harassment training to eradicate harassments for management-level staff in each region. In 2021, a total 808 staff members underwent the training.

Response to Labor Standards Violations

Based on the ILO Labor Principles, the Group strives to comply with the labor standards and regulations of each country. When an administrative directive for a labor standard violation is issued by a governmental authority, the SUMCO Group submits a report on the directive to the upper management and members of the Audit and Supervisory Committee, ensures that corrective action is undertaken throughout the Group, and works to raise awareness of the issue and prevent it from reoccurring.

Labor-Management Relations

The SUMCO Group grants consideration to and respects the rights of all employees, including employees' right to freedom of association based on the laws of the countries and regions in which the SUMCO Group does business. We also aim to strengthen labor-management relations while respecting employees' right to assembly and collective bargaining.
In Japan, for example, the labor agreement concluded between the Company and workers, in addition to rules, sets out as a basic policy that issues between labor and management are to be resolved through collective bargaining and discussion based on mutual understanding and trust, aimed at the perpetual development of the Company and improvement of working conditions, while recognizing the rights of the labor union to assembly, collective bargaining, and strike.
For that purpose, high-level labor-management meetings are generally held twice a year with the aim of promoting communication between labor and management, and business operations are managed with shared information and challenges.
In addition, at production briefings and labor-management meetings held once a month at each plant, the plant managers and union representatives meet to exchange information and views concerning the production situation and other matters.
Meanwhile the Labor-Management Study Committee meets regularly throughout the year to discuss important labor-management issues such as the improvement of working conditions and review of various systems from multifaceted, holistic and long-term perspectives, thus allowing labor and management to work closely together to address various issues. The ratio of labor union members to the employees of our company and domestic group companies is 88%.

Compliance with Fair Wages

Average income per employee for fiscal 2021 was 6,557,000 yen. At SUMCO, we divide the compensation systems of employees into different courses according to the work they undertake, and based on the basic concept of “equal pay for equal work,” we properly compensate employees based on their abilities, performance and contribution levels, offering the same treatment irrespective of gender. The SUMCO Group also follows laws and regulations regarding minimum wages in each country, and fulfills its obligation to pay employees appropriate wages based on the local cost of living and other factors.

Employee Benefits Programs

SUMCO and Group companies in Japan offer employees a wide range of benefits packages as guarantees for the future. In addition to Japan’s social security system, these include additional health insurance association payments, and individual options such as enrolment in an employee shareholding association, TSUMITATE NISA, property accumulation savings, and group life insurance.