About Silicon Wafers

As our life becomes more convenient, the silicon wafer is supporting this convenience from the wings. Here we will explain the role of this wafer in simple terms.

The silicon wafer as the material of semiconductor devices

A silicon wafer is a very thin round disk cut from high-purity silicon. A round silicon ingot is sliced to thicknesses of approximately 1mm. The surfaces of the resulting disk are polished carefully, then it is cleaned, resulting in the completed wafer. From this silicon wafer material, semiconductor devices are created.

An indispensable presence supporting our daily lives

Nearly all the electronic equipment around us uses semiconductor devices. That includes information devices like smartphones and personal computers, home appliances such as TVs and air conditioners, and means of transportation from cars to trains. The silicon wafer, as the substrate material of these semiconductor devices, is rightly seen as an indispensable presence supporting our daily lives.

Ongoing R&D with the future in view

The different kinds of electronic equipment we use today, with their many functions and amazing performance, are practically taken for granted. Behind the rapid advance and spread of the semiconductor devices used in this equipment is the success in developing silicon wafers offering higher quality and lower cost. We are continuing to carry out silicon wafer research and development to make our future even brighter and more convenient.

Main points

  • Silicon wafers are made from high-purity silicon, and are the material of semiconductor devices.
  • These semiconductor devices are used in all kinds of electronic equipment.
  • The higher quality and lower cost of silicon wafers support the high performance and spread of electronic equipment.