Initiatives for Safety and Health

Why SUMCO Addresses Safety and health

The safety and health of employees is essential for them to be able to reach their full potential and work with vitality. The SUMCO Group sees ensuring the safety and health of its employees as one of its crucial social responsibilities.
In the SUMCO CSR Policy, the SUMCO Group pledges to "maintain safe, healthy, comfortable and appropriate workplaces for everybody working in SUMCO, shall have a high regard for human rights, ability and personality, and shall realize fair and diverse ways of working." Based on this, the SUMCO Group promote safety and health initiatives under the following basic principles and policy.

SUMCO Group Basic Policy on Safety and health

Basic Principle

Under the principle that "the safety and health of employees takes the highest priority over all," the SUMCO Group is committed to "creating a safe and pleasant workplace environment supportive of good mental and physical health" through leadership by supervisors and through active communication across the organization.

Basic Policy

  1. We will collectively and thoroughly strive to create a workplace where all members adhere to relevant laws and regulations as well as rules stipulated in manuals and work procedures.
  2. In the event of any work-related accidents, we will collectively and thoroughly analyze the root causes and implement measures to prevent their recurrence.
  3. We will collectively and thoroughly strive to create an open workplace environment, as well as to maintain and promote their mental and physical health and to prevent occupational illnesses.
  4. We will collectively and thoroughly engage in raising awareness of traffic consideration and promote traffic safety initiatives as models for society.

Safety and health Initiatives

Promotion Framework

For the purpose of maintaining and enhancing the Group's levels of safety and health, the SUMCO Group annually convenes the Company-wide Safety and Health Committee in which report on the status of safety and health-related initiatives and information sharing are made.
The committee, attended by the Chief Health Officer and other executives, reports on Group-wide activities related to safety, health and hygiene management as well as major work-related accidents, and also reviews and approves safety and health-related issues and targets to be addressed in the following fiscal year.
Additionally, each plant defines policies and objectives related to safety and health for each fiscal year based on company-wide safety and health issues, and engages in daily activities to achieve those objectives.

Occupational Safety and Health Initiatives

The SUMCO Group has introduced an Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) which is implemented with the aim of achieving zero accident in the workplace.
Under the system, the management defines a sequence of "Plan - Do - Check - Act" (PDCA) actions to manage safety and health on a regular and voluntary basis, with the help of employees. This is a safety and health management framework designed to prevent work-related accidents, advance the health of employees, promote the formation of a pleasant workplace environment and raise the level of safety and health in the workplace.

Major Initiatives to Prevent Work-Related and Traffic Accidents

The SUMCO Group conducts annual system audits (internal audits) of all plants in accordance with its Occupational Safety and Health Management System. SUMCO also endeavors to maintain and enhance safety management levels by seeking to prevent work-related accidents through promoting voluntary safety and health initiatives and encouraging the advancement of health and the formation of a pleasant workplace environment.
Additionally, when workers notice a potential hazard, they are obligated to report on it as a near miss case. Through the case reports and risk assessments, the risk factors at each workplace are identified. We try to avert accidents by implementing countermeasures to these risks based on hazard levels, and reducing the degree of risk posed accordingly.
Information on these risks and the corresponding countermeasures are shared across the entire SUMCO Group through Company-wide meetings attended by the safety and health personnel at each plant, safety exchange meetings attended by the workplace safety and health promotion personnel at each plant, and safety and health committee meetings at each plant.
Additionally, through safety patrols conducted at each plant and other regular safety patrols of each plant by the Safety and Disaster Prevention Department, labor unions and industrial physicians, we carry out inspections and other guidance on the state of safety and health management initiatives at the workplace as part of efforts to attain high levels of safety and health.

Safety and Health Education and Training Initiatives

Accident Frequency Rate*1

Accident Frequency RateAccident Frequency Rate

  • *1Accident frequency rate = Number of workers killed or injured in occupational accidents / Total working hours × 1,000,000
  • *2Accident frequency rate for all manufacturing industry in 2018 has not been disclosed as of publication of this report.

The SUMCO Group focuses on employee education and training with the aim of preventing work-related and traffic accidents. In terms of matters related to safety and health, we strive to prevent accidents and minimize any damages or injuries caused by accidents. We achieve this by raising employees' awareness while also having them learn about what actions to take in the event of an emergency, not only through tiered safety and health education, but through workplace safety meetings, risk prediction training (KYT), the viewing of safety-related DVDs and efforts to enhance sensitivity to danger by way of simulated hazards in a "safety dojo."
Preventing traffic accidents is another key challenge, and the SUMCO Group strives to prevent traffic accidents by providing traffic accident prevention training along with the viewing of DVDs on traffic accident prevention, and KYT using videos of traffic accidents, and by providing driving analysis and guidance based on drive recorders installed in vehicles.

Participation in Traffic Safety Initiatives

SUMCO's Chitose Plant participates in activities calling for traffic safety as part of the traffic safety campaign each spring and autumn. To coincide with the arrival of the tourism season in Hokkaido accompanied by a sharp increase in the number of rental cars, the employees line up along a road to remind drivers and pedestrians about traffic safety.
The Kyushu Plant is engaged in traffic safety initiatives as a member of the Shiroishi district's Safe Driving Supervisors Committee, including annual participation in the "Traffic Mirror Cleaning Initiative (March)" for mainly local elementary and junior high schools and "Early Headlight Lighting Initiative (November) to encourage drivers to turn on their headlights before it gets dark.
SUMCO Technology Corporation also promotes safe driving both internally and externally through participation in traffic accident prevention campaigns (at New Year, spring, autumn, year-end) and early headlight lighting initiative as a member company of the Noda Regional Safe Driving Supervisors Council.

PhotoPhotoAppealing to drivers to drive safely

PhotoPhotoEarly Headlight Lighting Initiative

Safety and Health/Disaster Prevention Awards Received (in the past five years)
Year & month Award Awarded site
February 2014 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Class 1 No Accident Record (7 million hours) Kyushu Factory (Kubara), SUMCO Corp.
May 2014 Letter of Appreciation from Saga Pref. Governor for Safety Management of High-Pressure Gas Kyushu Factory (Saga), SUMCO Corp.
July 2015 Hokkaido Labor Bureau Director's Commendation Chitose Plant, SUMCO Corp.
March 2016 Recognized by the Volunteer Fire Corps Factory of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Kyushu Factory (Imari), SUMCO Corp.
June 2016 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Class 2 No Accident Record (10.5 million hours) Nagasaki Plant, SUMCO TECHXIV Corp.
October 2016 Excellent Safety Operations Facility Bronze Medal Miyazaki Plant, SUMCO TECHXIV Corp.
October 2017 Yamagata Labor Bureau Director's Commendation Yonezawa Plant, SUMCO Corp.
October 2017 Letter of Appreciation from Miyazaki Fire Prevention Committee Miyazaki Plant, SUMCO TECHXIV Corp.
December 2017 Letter of Appreciation from Japanese Red Cross Society (Blood donation) Chitose Plant, SUMCO Corp.
June 2018 Hazardous Material Safety Awards from Japan Association for Safety of Hazardous Materials SUMCO Technology Corp.
September 2018 Commendation as Model Business Site for Safe Driving Management from the Miyazaki Prefecture Police Headquarters Miyazaki Plant, SUMCO TECHXIV Corp.
October 2018 Silver Order of Merit from Japan Red Cross Society SUMCO Technology Corp.

Promotion of Health

The SUMCO Group's Approach to Employees' Health

Under the principle that "the safety and health of employees take the highest priority over all," the SUMCO Group strives to create a bright and lively workplace with high job satisfaction and has announced the "SUMCO Group Health Declaration" both internally and externally.

SUMCO Group Health Declaration

The SUMCO Group considers employee's health to be an important management resource and strives to be a group in which all employees work energetically by supporting the voluntary health promotion by each employee, as well as implementing active organizational initiatives.

Health Promotion Framework

Health-related Meeting Bodies
Health-related Meeting BodiesHealth-related Meeting Bodies

The Company-wide Health Committee and Health Promotion Meeting are convened regularly. These bodies report on the status of initiatives and attainment level of health objectives for each site and consider new measures.
Specifically, we have established a Health Promotion Section under the Human Resources Department while the Executive Vice President has assumed the position of Chief Health Officer. Further, under the leadership of the supervising industrial physician, the industrial physicians, full-time public health nurses and regular nurses offer individual health guidance, meetings and smoking cessation support, as well as conducting initiatives to improve the workplace environment through stress checks, mental health training and other services.

Specific Initiatives for Health Promotion

We promote initiatives to maintain and improve the health of each employee as a company through various well-planned company-wide initiatives.
To further enhance our health initiatives, in 2018 we sent letters to employees and their families to encourage greater awareness of health issues. Since maintaining and improving our health is based on regular and voluntary activities at the individual level, we ask that employees become conscious of health issues and actively engage in various health initiatives with their families.
In recognition of initiatives aimed at employee health, the SUMCO Group was certified under the 2019 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program (White 500) selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Examples of Specific Health Promotion Initiatives

  1. Activities promoting smoking cessation
    • Blanket ban on smoking in Company buildings (completed in 2018)
    • Inter-workplace anti-smoking challenge race
    • On-site health classes (anti-smoking, mental health)
    • Smoking cessation outpatient services (some business sites)
  2. Mental health
    • Initiatives to improve the workplace environment based on stress check results
    • Mental health training and consultation framework for counsellors and other staff
  3. Measures to address lifestyle-related diseases and other issues
    • Walking campaign, contracts with sports gyms
    • Campaigns to encourage all employees to undergo secondary examinations after regular medical checkups
    • SUMCO fall prevention gymnastics (during working hours)


Minako Iyadomi
Supervising Industrial Physician

Striving to create a workplace environment in which all employees can work in a lively fashion

In 2003, manufacturing sites, the core of the SUMCO Group began efforts to improve the workplace environment using group analysis results of stress checks, and the initiative has since spread throughout the Company. Additionally, from 2007, "work engagement" was added to the stress check items as an indicator of positive mental health, offering valuable feedback on each employee and workplace.
In 2019, these workplace environment improvement initiatives that are now entering their 17th year underpin efforts aimed at the sustainable development of a workplace in which employees can work "in a lively fashion" as a semiconductor material manufacturer which is expected to exhibit advanced technological and development capabilities while strongly affected by external factors in the silicon cycle.
For employees with disabilities, we also coordinate with attending physicians and public organizations such as employment centers for persons with disabilities. By consulting with the relevant persons while considering and supporting persons with disabilities based on their unique characteristics, we strive to develop a workplace in which all employees can demonstrate their own abilities and work "in a lively fashion".