SUMCO Group Basic Policy on Safety and Health

1. Basic Principle

Under the principle that "the safety and health of employees takes the highest priority over all″, the SUMCO Group is committed to "creating a safe and pleasant workplace environment supportive of good mental and physical health″ through leadership by supervisors and through active communication across the organization.

2. Basic Policy

  1. We will collectively and thoroughly strive to create a workplace where all members adhere to relevant laws and regulations as well as rules stipulated in manuals or work procedures.
  2. In the event of any work-related accidents, we will collectively and thoroughly analyze the root cause and implement measures to prevent their recurrence.
  3. We will collectively and thoroughly strive to create an open workplace environment, as well as to maintain and promote their mental and physical health and to prevent occupational illnesses.
  4. We will collectively and thoroughly engage in raising awareness of traffic consideration and promote traffic safety initiatives as models for society.

SUMCO Group Health Declaration

The SUMCO Group considers employee's health to be an important management resource and strives to be a group in which all employees work energetically by supporting voluntary health promotion by each employee, as well as implementing active organizational initiatives.