• Supported by its cutting edge technology, SUMCO shall steadily provide products and service with excellent quality, ability and safety, shall win customers' satisfaction and trust, and shall contribute to the sustainable development of society.
  • SUMCO shall produce legitimate profits, grow corporate value, proceed with timely and appropriate disclosure to the public, and aim at returns to its shareholders and investors.
  • SUMCO shall comply with law and regulations, international rules, and social norms, shall implement risk management, and shall maintain business continuity.
  • SUMCO shall choose its suppliers by fair and rational standards, establish mutual confidence, and prosper together.
  • SUMCO shall manage environmental activities, make use of resources and energy efficiently, and control emission.
  • SUMCO shall maintain safe, healthy, comfortable and appropriate workplaces for everybody working in SUMCO, shall have a high regard for human rights, ability and personality, and shall realize fair and diverse ways of working.
  • SUMCO shall respect various cultures and histories, and shall interact with society and local communities.