Community-based Social Contribution Activities

Why SUMCO Addresses the Local Community

The SUMCO Group sees existing in harmony with the local community and contributing to the region as one of the corporate social responsibilities.
In SUMCO CSR Policy, the SUMCO Group declares that "SUMCO shall respect various cultures and histories, and shall interact with society and the local communities." We take into account local communities' expectations for SUMCO and focus on the following in particular, in an effort to be a company that can contribute to the local community as a good corporate citizen.

  1. Activities aimed at the local environment, safety, and disaster prevention
  2. Activities aimed at providing education, culture promotion and sports promotion to the local community
  3. Activities to support persons with disabilities

Participation in Cleaning Activities and Environmental Conservation Initiatives

PhotoPhotoOmono River basin joint clean-up

SUMCO's Chitose Plant implements a clean-up program on approximately 1.5 km of sidewalks along the main roads of the Chitose Industrial Complex where the plant is located. Plant members pick up empty cans and trash that have been discarded, as well as fallen leaves and other refuse. Last year, in a rare occurrence, Hokkaido was hit by a typhoon, and the road surface was covered in fallen leaves, but we will continue to implement timely clean-up efforts so that pedestrians can walk on the roads in comfort.
SUMCO's JSQ Division participates annually in the Omono River Basin Joint Clean-up organized by Akita City with the participation of local residents and nearby companies.

SUMCO's Yonezawa Plant actively engages in various local environmental activities as a member of the Hachimanpara Corporate Council made up of companies located in the Hachimanpara Industrial Park. The activities include planting seasonal flowers in median strips of roads inside the park and cleaning up areas along major roads.
AT the Nagasaki Plant of SUMCO TECHXIV Corporation, many employees and their families participate each year in the cleanup of the Omura Bay coastal area organized by the Omura Bay Cleanup Project.

PhotoPhotoMaintaining flower beds along median strips

PhotoPhotoOmura Bay coastal area joint clean-up

Each year, the Miyazaki Plant of SUMCO TECHXIV Corporation also works with nearby companies in a local cleanup initiative called the "Kiyotake-cho KINRIN Clean Activity," and also works on an environmental conservation project for the Kiyotake River in association with local groups.
SUMCO Technology Corporation participates annually in the Edogawa Clean Campaign organized by the Edogawa River Office and local municipalities near Noda City, collecting discarded cans and bottles, etc. and performing cleanup activities on the riverbed, embankments and side ditches along the Edogawa River. Additionally, the company conducts a cleanup campaign through the plant grounds and along nearby public roads and sidewalks every two months to keep the areas inside the industrial park clean.

Greening Initiatives

At the Chitose Plant, we work on beautification of the surrounding environment. In June, after the snow season, we enter the "Flower-Filled Contest" hosted by Chitose City's greening promotion foundation (Chitose Environment and Greenery Foundation) and plant colorful flowers such as marigolds and scarlet sages in the green belt on roads around the plant. At the Noda Operation Department of SUMCO Support Corporation*, we conduct "Flower Project" initiatives including the voluntary creation of flower beds and planting of seeds and seedlings, thereby delighting visitors to the Noda area and employees alike.

  • *SUMCO Support Corporation is a special subsidiary company of SUMCO that was established with the purpose of employing persons with disabilities.

Support for a Vocational Facility for People with Disabilities

At the Yonezawa Plant, we collect empty plastic bottles and cans from the plant and employees' homes and provide them via recycling operators to vocational facilities for persons with disabilities to support their employment. Using the money received from the recycling firm for the sale of such bottles and cans, the plant also periodically purchases useful items and donates to the facility.

Participation in Emergency Drills at Welfare Institutions

PhotoPhotoEmergency drill at a welfare institution

At the Nagasaki Plant of SUMCO TECHXIV Corporation, we have organized an external rescue team, and joint rescue drills under the guidance of members of the Omura Fire Department are conducted every year to prepare the team for fire disasters at nearby welfare institutions.

Participation of Female Employees in Safety and Health Patrols

PhotoPhotoParticipation of Female Employees in Safety and Health Patrols

At the Nagasaki Plant of SUMCO TECHXIV Corporation, female employee representatives take part in patrols of business sites and factories within the prefecture as members of the "Support Team for Shining Women," a safety and health patrol team for women formed by the Nagasaki Labor Bureau.

Interaction with local high schools

PhotoPhotoDispatching employee instructors to local high schools

At the Nagasaki Plant of SUMCO TECHXIV Corporation, we have maintained a relationship with local high schools since the establishment of the plant. Every year, we host study tours to inspect the production process or the extra high voltage monitoring room for the power intake facility, as well as providing internships. Responding to requests from local high schools, we also send employees to give lectures on semiconductors.

Participation and Sponsorship of Sports Events

PhotoPhotoThe 72nd Tozai Matsuura Relay Race Competition (courtesy Saga Shimbun)

SUMCO participates in and sponsors local sports events. The SUMCO Kyushu Factory co-sponsors the IMARI HALF-MARATHON every year. In 2019, more than 3800 participants attended the competition and they ran through the city in the early spring weather.
On January 27, 2019, the SUMCO Imari Road Relay Race Team fielded by the Kyushu Factory took part in the 72nd Tozai Matsuura Relay Race Competition (sponsored by Saga Shimbun) and won its 13th championship for two consecutive years while breaking the competition record. The event has a long tradition, attracts many regional and company-affiliated teams, and contributes to revitalization of the region.

Donations to Non-Profit Organizations

In 2019, SUMCO donated 300,000 yen to Seacare and the Japan Heart Foundation, in support of the work done by these NPOs.



Ichiro Omura
Next Gen. Power Electronics Research Center
Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering
Department of Biological Functions Engineering
Kyushu Institute of Technology

Q1. What are you working on in the SUMCO joint research course, and how significant is it?

Kyushu Institute of Technology, we launched a research course inside the department on a joint basis with SUMCO in fiscal year 2017. Under the theme of high-quality power semiconductor wafer evaluation methods, we have conducted a number of joint research projects with SUMCO researchers and researchers at our Next Generation Power Electronics Research Center. In particular, we share trends in power semiconductor-related technologies and pursue research that prioritizes the development of high-precision wafer quality evaluation technologies and the application of simulation technologies. We also actively cooperate in fostering the development of junior human resources from SUMCO. Through establishment of joint research courses, issues can be shared between companies and universities, and excellent result-focused outcomes can be produced.

Q2. SUMCO has been pursuing coordination between industry and academia along with initiatives to contribute to local communities. What do you think about these activities?

In fiscal year 2018, the Next Generation Power Electronics Research Center received the Minster of the Environment Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity for its research into power semiconductors. Moreover, SUMCO is a top global producer of high-quality wafers that are essential in the manufacturing of power semiconductors that contribute to lower CO2 emissions. By having both of us coordinate with one another from a long-term perspective, I think we are bringing greater sophistication to semiconductor technologies and low-carbon technologies in the Kyushu area, strongly promoting the development of human resources in the field, and making significant contributions to the social challenges of preventing global warming and utilizing electricity effectively.

Participation in Local Events

Each year at the Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival, a famous winter festival that takes place in Yonezawa, SUMCO's Yonezawa Plant produces snow lanterns, a winter tradition in Yonezawa, in an effort to vitalize the local area.
In order to bring excitement to local events as a company that has established business sites in Imari City, SUMCO's Kyushu Factory participates in the Imari Autumn Festival - Imari Dance in All as a means of contributing to local revitalization.
Additionally, SUMCO's JSQ Division supports activities of the "Barajima Kanto Group," which is located in Barajima, Akita and headed by a SUMCO Employee. The group participates by performing in the Akita Kanto Festival every year. At the Kanto Myogikai* this year, the group unfortunately failed to win a prize, but their energetic pole lantern performance at the "Yoru Kanto*" event earned thunderous applause from spectators gathered from around the country.

  • *The "Kanto Myogikai" is a pole lantern performance contest that takes place during the day as part of the Akita Kanto Festival, with the objective of preserving skills in lantern balancing and its musical accompaniment. Pole lantern performances during the night are called "Yoru Kanto."

PhotoPhotoParticipates in an annual event, the "Imari Autumn Festival–Imari Dance in All"

PhotoPhotoPerformance for the JSQ Division



Giles Barfield
Senior Manager
SUMCO Europe Sales Plc (SES)

Please let us know the details of your donation and support activities to Foodbank conducted at 2018.

PhotoPhotoThe donation and support activity to Foodbank by SES

In SES we decided, as part of honouring SUMCO's mission statement "to be a good neighbour in our community", to do something that would help people in our community. We chose to volunteer at a foodbank as this should help a large portion of some of the most vulnerable people in the community. Foodbanks are volunteering organisations that collect donated food and distribute it to the poor and needy.
Their services are in more demand than ever due to the overall economic climate. SES worked closely with a foodbank in South London, about 7.5km away from our office, to find out when was the best time to support them.
Foodbanks tend to receive a large amount of donations in the run-up to Christmas, but these donations have to last for most of the following year. SES agreed to send two teams of volunteers on one of the foodbank's busiest days of the year for donations. At this time the few members of staff are overrun with donations and struggle to keep thing organised.
Armed with a lot of energy and some 5S techniques, the members of SES went ahead to help the foodbank reorganise the collected food into the various food groups as well as put it in date order to ensure that the shortest sell by date food was used first and that nothing went to waste.
The foodbank was exceptionally pleased with SES's help as they would never have had the time to do it themselves during such a busy period. SES members brought some of their own food to donate to the foodbank as well as donations to ensure that the foodbank was able to continue supporting the local community when the Christmas stocks had been used up.
All SES members thoroughly enjoyed the experience.