Health and Productivity Management Initiatives

Promotion of Health

The SUMCO Group's Approach to Employees' Health

Under the principle that “the safety and health of employees take the highest priority over all,” the SUMCO Group strives to create a bright, lively and fulfilling workplace. The Group has announced the SUMCO Group Health Declaration both internally and externally, and strategically promotes various health advancement activities as investment in health.

SUMCO Group Health Declaration

The SUMCO Group considers employee's health to be an important management resource and strives to be a group in which all employees work energetically by supporting the voluntary health promotion by each employee, as well as implementing active organizational initiatives.

Health Promotion Framework

Health-related Meetings
Health-related Meeting BodiesHealth-related Meeting Bodies

The Company-wide Health Committee and Health Promotion Meeting are convened regularly. These bodies report on the status of initiatives and attainment level of health objectives (KPIs) for each site, and reflect finding in the planning of new measures and improvement activities. As expert knowledge is important to promote these improvements, working primarily through the supervising industrial physician in the Health Promotion Section under the Human Resources Department, industrial physicians, full-time public health nurses and regular nurses (13 full-time, 2 part-time) have been assigned to each site of the SUMCO Group to offer Group employees individual health guidance, meetings and smoking cessation support, as well as to promote health and productivity management including efforts to improve the workplace environment through stress checks, mental health training, and other services.

Health and Productivity Management Initiatives

We promote initiatives to maintain and improve the health of each employee as a company through various well-planned company-wide initiatives.
SUMCO was selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) as a company that excels in health management under “the 2022 Health & Productivity Stock Selection,” where one company from one industry category was generally selected from among the listed companies. Additionally, SUMCO Group has been certified as one of the “White 500” corporations under “the 2022 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization Recognition Program” sponsored by the METI and The Nippon Kenko Kaigi for the fourth consecutive year from 2019.

Our health management challenges

We focus on three health management issues: "1. mental health," "2. smoking cessation," and "3. lifestyle-related diseases," set target values, create medium- to long-term plans, and carry out activities.

1. Mental Health

SUMCO believes that maintaining good mental health among employees leads to the development of a workplace environment where employees meet the high demands of customers, be highly productive and work with vitality. As a part of the primary prevention of mental health issues, since 2003 SUMCO has been operating and assessing workplace environment improvement activities as part of its occupational safety and health management system (OSHMS).
In addition, based on the results of stress checks conducted regarding workplace environment improvements at each workplace, we have each employee exchange feedback aimed at improvements to be made within the workplace, decide on and implement action items, and post collections of effective initiatives as good practices on the company intranet site.

Main Action Items
  • Mental health training (stratified training, e-learning) and consultation framework for counselors and other staff
  • Workplace environment improvement activities based on stress check results
Results of Activities
Results of Activities 1. Workplace Environment Improvements Based on Stress Check Results

Indicators for improving the work environment

  • *1General health risk is calculated from the stress check using a work stress determination chart.
  • *2ERI-adjusted general health risk is calculated using general health risk and an effort reward imbalance model.
Results of Activities 2. Workplace Environment Improvements Based on Stress Check Results (Examples of Good Practices)

The SUMCO Group has conducted a fact-finding survey of the departments whose stress check results show higher loads in the analysis, and encourages the departments to implement initiatives to reform work styles. Specifically, the leader of each operational group in each department prepares and executes a Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and reviews the results to confirm the countermeasure effectiveness. One example of the efforts is the posting of messages on workplace bulletin boards to encourage employees to reduce overtime hours, as well as monitoring the percentage of them who leave work on time, which has resulted in earlier leaving times and reduced overtime. In addition to these efforts, the SUMCO Group promotes initiatives that respect the employees’ work-life balance, such as tracing the annual paid leave utilization rates and encouraging them to take annual leave.

2. Activities to Encourage Smoking Cessation

In January 2020, a survey on smoking was conducted among all Group employees. Trend analysis was conducted on factors such as smoking frequency and number of smoking sessions by employees who are smokers, and as a result of conducting smoking cessation training and individual health guidance in light of the various traits and age groups, the smoking rate among the Group employees has gradually trended downward, from 46% in 2018, to 38.2% in 2019, 36.6% in 2020, and 31.9% in 2021.
Additionally, to coincide with the closure of all smoking areas within SUMCO Group premises as a measure related to the nationwide spread of COVID-19, we reviewed our system to allow outpatient treatment for smoking cessation without co-payments as part of efforts to promote smoking cessation.

Main Action Items
  • Trend analysis based on results of survey of all employees on smoking
  • Smoking cessation training based on the results of the above survey and encouraging the use of smoking cessation treatment through individual health guidance (Free company-subsidized smoking cessation treatment)
  • Workplace anti-smoking challenge race
  • Continued closure of smoking areas on company-premises as a COVID-19 related measure

3. Measures to Address Lifestyle-related Disease, Other Initiatives

The results of periodic medical checkups show that the percentage of employees with metabolic syndrome increases between the ages of 30 and 40. We therefore offer health classes and health guidance to employees before the age of 40 to improve their lifestyles. We also hold health classes for employees aged 39 with the cooperation of external managerial dietitians, and verify the effectiveness of these classes to improve guidance for the following year.
To promote exercise habits, our Kyushu Plant (Saga Prefecture) has conducted a walking activity using SAGATOCO, a walking application developed by Saga Prefecture. As a result of the effort, our Kyushu Plant was awarded the 2021 Saga Saiko Grand Prize in the health management category.
Additionally, due to the advancing age structure of the workforce, we assume that incidents of falls and trips will increase. To address this, we have assessed the motor functions of employees in a joint initiative with the Department of Sports Science at Fukuoka University to develop the SUMCO Fall Prevention Exercises and implement them in-house.

Main Action Items
  • Health education for employees at age 39
  • Walking activities
  • Individual health guidance following regular medical checkups (including guidance to improve blood pressure and blood glucose levels)
  • SUMCO fall prevention exercises

4. Results and Medium-term Targets for Mental Health, Smoking Cessation and Lifestyle-related Disease Issues

Assessment Item 2018 Results 2019 Results 2020 Results 2021 Results Medium-Term Targets (2025)
ERI-adjusted general health risk 106.0 100.0 99.0 103.0 100 or lower
Current smoker 40.6% 38.2% 36.6% 31.9% 20.0%
Percentage of Employees with Metabolic Syndrome 26.3% 26.9% 28.6% 29.4% 25.0%
Exercising for 30 minutes or more / week 24.2% 25.4% 28.4% 27.6% 35.0%
Percentage of employees not feeling refreshed after a night’s sleep 38.9% 32.6% 31.7% 33.5% 24.0%

Comprehensive Indicators of SUMCO’s Health and Productivity Management and Their Development into a Strategic Map of Each Initiative

By working on health and productivity management, SUMCO believes that health and productivity management help solving the ultimate goal of our health strategy map, which is to create high creativity by ensuring a workforce that works with vitality, and to prevent the possibility of poor health, injury or illness to reduce productivity. Therefore, we quantify comprehensive indicators to visualize these status and apply each initiative to our health strategy map to achieve results by strategically systematizing each initiative as a health investment. This allows us to conduct evaluations each year, leading to the necessary measures being implemented in the future.

Comprehensive Indicators

  • Reduced productivity indicators: presenteeism (reduced productivity when attending work despite poor health or physical condition), absenteeism (missing work due to poor health or physical condition)
  • Indicators of vitality level: work engagement (positive perception and emotion for work), job fulfillment, job satisfaction

SUMCO Health (Management) Strategy Map

Results of Activities

Results of Activities 1. Presenteeism and Absenteeism (From Employee Questionnaire Survey)

Results of Activities 1. Presenteeism and Absenteeism (From Employee Questionnaire Survey)Results of Activities 1. Presenteeism and Absenteeism (From Employee Questionnaire Survey)

Results of Activities 2. Work Engagement (From Employee Questionnaire Survey)

Results of Activities 2. Work Engagement (From Employee Questionnaire Survey)Results of Activities 2. Work Engagement (From Employee Questionnaire Survey)

  • *Work Engagement: average points from employee questionnaire on nine items regarding work (7-grade evaluation from 0 to 6 points)
Results of Activities 3. Employee Satisfaction and Job Fulfillment (From Employee Questionnaire Survey)

Results of Activities 3. Employee Satisfaction and Job Fulfillment (From Employee Questionnaire Survey)Results of Activities 3. Employee Satisfaction and Job Fulfillment (From Employee Questionnaire Survey)

  • *1satisfaction: the percentage of employees who responded that they were “satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with their job
  • *2Employee Satisfaction of Job fulfillment: the percentage of employees who responded “yes” or “somewhat yes” as to whether they are in a fulfilling job

Creation of the SUMCO Health and Productivity Management Strategy Map


Supervising Industrial Physician
Minako Iyadomi

Through the health and productivity management strategy map, we now have a clearer picture of the items to be added in the annual safety and health plan, indicators related to employees’ health such as mental health, lifestyle-related disease and smoking, final indicators, and how issues in health and productivity management lead to be solved. As a next step, we have started to examine the costs and benefits of each initiative with our accounting system.