Production Processes

Silicon wafers are produced in a highly advanced environment

Silicon wafer production takes place in three steps. SUMCO carries out each of these steps in clean rooms boasting the highest level of cleanliness. Applying the strictest quality control, we produce silicon wafers of exceptionally high purity and quality.

Silica→Reduction→Silicon metal→Rectification→Polysilicon→1.Monocrystalline pulling process→CZ process MCZ process→Monocrystalline ingots→2.Wafer forming process Slicing→Lapping→Etching→Polishing→Inspecting→Polished Wafers (PW)→3.Specialized processing→Annealed Wafers, Epitaxial Wafers (EW), Junction Isolated Wafers (JIW),Silicon-On-Insulator Wafers 1.Monocrystalline pulling process Learn more… 2.Wafer forming process Learn more… 3.Specialized processing Learn more…